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My offerings

«Life is best filled by learning as much as you can about as much as you can.» (Tim Minchin)

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud is ubiquitous – no discussion anymore
  • Cloud Services have entered our lives just as the Internet has 15 years ago
  • Companies have started adopting Cloud Services independently from geographical or judicial boundaries
  • Security concerns have shifted from intrusion blockage to data protection, compliance, stability and availability

You want to get the best from the Cloud integrated into your enterprise?
You want to benefit from or offer Cloud Services?

Here’s what we can jointly do:

You get me in to support your enterprise in gaining speed and generating cost efficiency with Cloud Services creation or integration. Together we pave the way into the Cloud for your business – be it by using it efficiently – be it through delivering services yourself.

  • With a proven 6+ years track record in Cloud Computing, I help customers gaining traction in their Cloud Strategy
  • I work with IT and development teams to integrate Cloud Services into the enterprise or to create new Services for traditional products
  • I combine the Cloud approach with even more innovative trend topics (such as digitalization)
  • I assess your IT and services landscape, evaluate its readiness for Cloud Services and advise where and how to introduce Cloud or where to improve existing Services

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Business Applications

  • Business Applications are always at the heart of an enterprise IT
  • They work exactly the way, your business works
  • They need to deliver value, save time and reduce expenditure
  • They shall be perfectly integrated with the rest of the IT and external (maybe Cloud) services

Your business needs stronger support by your applications?
Executing your business processes costs too much time and money?
Your people spend overtime having to use inefficient software and poorly integrated applications?

Here’s what we can jointly do:

Get me in to analyze your processes, find the right applications to support them, do the integration work with your IT and existing services and reduce your costs of running and using your business applications. *)

  • I have (co-)created some 20+ different individual software solutions/products
  • I have a proven track record in creating successfull application, system and IT architectures
  • I have analyzed, enhanced, harmonized and integrated umpteenth business processes
  • And I have provided businesses with innovative perfect-fit applications

*) I work with different partners depending on projects in this area

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  • “The transformation of money to knowledge is research, the transformation of knowledge to money is innovation” (Thomas Mirow; found at
  • Innovation translates creativity into business value
  • Innovation integrates new ideas with existing IT, applications and the business
  • The age of digitalization will disrupt any business – be it software-based already or not

You have huge innovative potential and need to phase ideas into your enterprise architecture?
You need to create the technological basis to leverage your innovative ideas?

Here’s what we can jointly do:

Engage with me, if you intend to gain more from your creative, innovative forces. We will jointly identify and face the challenges of disruptive new technologies to come. We will create an enterprise architecture integrated with your business for the benefit of your competitive advantage

  • For more than 6 years I have led the innovation teams of one of the largest enterprises in the world
  • I have introduced disruptive technologies into huge IT landscapes
  • I have architectured multiple innovative applications and frameworks and integrated them with existing businesses
  • I support customers in introducing innovative architectures solely for the benefit of business agility, successful change and cost efficiency

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IT Architecture

  • Information Technology (IT) is a servant to the business using it
  • Successful IT leaders have created an architecture of services that quickly adapt to the needs of their users
  • Changing things in the infrastructure or an application is a matter of a click
  • Business requirements define what the IT delivers, and the “Cloud” is just another IT service

Your business struggles with your IT?
Your infrastructure and applications aren‘t agile enough to serve your enterprise‘s processes?
You need to innovate and change your IT architecture?

Here’s what we can jointly do:

Let me assess your IT landscape together with you; let me support you in creating a new, agile and service oriented architecture that integrates with cloud services, continously delivers business value and operates on a cost efficient basis.

  • I have years of experience building and integrating IT services for delivery to business lines
  • I have created and integrated business and operations support frameworks
  • I work with customers adapting enterprise applications to function in an “IT-as-a-Service” landscape
  • I help re-shaping infrastructure services to deliver value in an “as-a-Service” manner

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Strategy & Culture

  • IT is not always about technology and architecture – but also about behaviour and culture
  • Enterprise culture defines the way to get things done
  • Humans act at the heart of every IT, business, application or enterprise architecture
  • When the architecture is perfect, the wrong strategy still can inhibit the business gear wheels

Do you feel the need for a change but technology obviously is not the problem?
Your architecture is exceptionally perfect but business lines miss its value-add?
You sense a need for changing strategic or cultural aspects without disrupting your whole IT or application landscape?

Here’s what we can jointly do:

Get me in to have a look at how your great teams of engaged people can improve their collaborative culture. Let us create a new way of getting things done. Together we define the strategic change necessary to deliver infrastructure, architecture and applications in an innovative, more agile and cost saving way. And, of course, I'm happy to be your trusted partner in executing this change.

  • Over the years I have facilitated multiple organizational changes within small and large teams
  • I have supported teams in finding an innovative approach to get things done
  • I have worked with teams – both Ops and Dev – to move from agility to a continuous flow and joint DevOps attitude
  • I have collaboratively defined organization strategies, and I have led and guided cultural changes – always keeping the people involved at the heart of the process

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