About me

«Define yourself by what you love. Don't define yourself in opposition to stuff.» (Tim Minchin)

I am a lifelong Innovation Expert with solid experience in system & enterprise architecture, process definition and execution, sustainable product and process management and socially balanced human interaction. I'm a team player who believes in collaboration and joint success.

I bring value into your projects through 25+ years of IT and technology experience. I have been taking responsibility as a project manager, manager, workshop facilitator, technical sales, architect and IT strategy consultant.

I design and build IT solutions by adding an extra grain in considering how aspects of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, mobility, data or service orchestration could enhance it. My experience in process automation & integration and delivery architecture guarantees the best results for your business.

I am a digital native (born too early ;)) and a social geek with an urge for sustainable (business) relations.

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